Servant of the Shekinah
Blake painting

May Truth be my shield.

May Innocence be my armour.

May Beauty be my sword.

May Love be my Light.

This website is dedicated to the remembrance and restoration of the Divine Feminine, it’s primary themes including:

Angelomorphism: the transformation of human beings into angels and of angels into human beings.

‘The Alchemical Wedding’: the hieros gamos, the inner marriage and union of female and male, of left brain and right brain, of heart and mind, from which emerges a new being, sometimes known as the phoenix, the shaman, the angel, or the divine androgyne.

The experience of ‘Oneness’, a state of being sometimes referred to as Christ or cosmic consciousness.

‘The Great Shift’: a time of unparalled change, when the door to the gardens of paradise shall once more be unsealed, and all things secret shall be revealed.

The Garden Where Four Rivers Flow

Released 28th July, 2022

If you were to weave together elements of the story of Jesus, the ‘Song of Solomon’, the atmosphere and feminine magic of a Celtic fairy tale, it might read something like ‘The Garden Where Four Rivers Flow, the first book in ‘The Passionate Master’ series.  Set in biblical times in the enchanted forest of Elnazar, it is a reimagining of the love story of Mary and Joseph: the song of Rebekah, the weaver, and Heshel, the carpenter. Rebekah, the spider girl, the daughter of Ariadna, her childhood dream to weave the robe of rainbows. Invisible as the wind to her one true love. Heshel, son of the cedars and mortal king of the Fair Kind, his one secret desire to pursue the craft of the carpenter. It is the testimony of the Baal-Azar, the fire priest, the magi from the mountain, of his role in the birth of Yeshua, the Blue Star Spirit. Yeshua, Yeshua, thus named by the wind. Fated to be crowned upon the bitter cross. It is a eulogy heralding the coming of the divine androgyne. ‘Tis the ancient, hidden tale of ‘The Alchemical Wedding.’

<h2>The Garden Where Four Rivers Flow</h2>

The Angel’s Song

Here stands the angel of the golden gateway,
a gateway that shines brighter than a thousand suns,
come from the garden where four rivers flow,
in seach of his long-lost but not forgotten love.
This angel who once sang at the beginning of the All,
who shall sing once more at the end of all things.
So be wary you few who would come to this place,
who would walk through this gateway,
who would drink of these waters,
where three ways meet and time stands still,
for only the true heart may bear the rapture of the fair kind.
Yes, be wary of this book which is not a book,
whose words are writ in fiery tongue,
this nugget of gold from the alchemist’s cauldron.
Yet if still so willing, be you wild, wise and tender,
be you silent and still,
and listen to the angel’s song.
And listen to the angel’s song.

By Uriel