Song of the Firebird

This heart, this heart, each day bound and broken.
This heart, this heart, so too daily reborn,
blazing and broken and beautiful.
For sweet joy she comes to soothe my sorrow,
that I may dance with the twilght,
that I may wing with the eagle and sing with stars.
For sweet mercy she comes to rain upon me,
that I may cry and sigh in wind and waves.
That in wide-eyed wonder, I may roam and rave.
This heart, this cathedral, this broken-down shack,
this smoke from the pyre, this first light of the dawning,
a leper, a beggar, a lame king in the desert,
a passionate rose, blossoming and blooming, wilting and withering,
an ardour, an innocence once led astray.
A sanctum in the forest, a gladsome glade.
This heart, this deep ocean, these twin pillars of flame,
this one love that is ever true and lasting,
this most beautiful garden where my soul wouldst remain.

By Uriel