Servant of the Shekinah

I thirst for your love,
alone upon this mountain,
alone in this wilderness,
alone in this desert,
these valleys, woods and plains.
I thirst for your love,
for this fire, for these waters,
for those smiles, a thousand smiles and more.
I thirst for those skies robed in emerald green,
endless, majestic, daring and distant,
for these violet- dappled fields, so fair and fallow,
for your mercy as bright as a star-filled sky,
for these tears, a thousand tears and more.
Am I, am I, am I, forever,
as invisible as the wind,
as still and silent as the melodious twilight,
a madman who raves before the moon in her fullness,
a madman held captive by her tresses and sighs,
by the scent of her sweat, as fresh as sage and cedar,
her touch, a cooling, blinding flame.
Yes, I thirst for your love,
for these rivers and rain clouds,
for these fragrant, kind waters,
for this breath beneath my wings,
for this burning rose buried deep in the keep of your belly.
My heart prostrate on the floor of your temple.
My mind empty yet chiming, soothed, healed, becalmed.
My soul now at rest beneath the shelter of your feet,
I, who am an ocean, and so too, the wave.
And should I come to be anointed in your waterfall of grace,
to walk meek, proud and garlanded in your weaved, rainbow robes,
I shall sing in my first voice,
shall sing in my true voice,
shall sing like a child, like a lark, like the thunder,
sweet blessings, bright blessings,
most fair of good tidings.

By Uriel