Happy Endings

I like happy endings.
I like to see you smile.
I like to see it all worked out.
I like to watch each blessed sunrise.
I like to watch your eyes
when they sparkle with wonder.
I like to follow the path
of your beauty-filled gaze.
I like to hear the trill
of your melodious laughter.
I would gladly share the sting
of your holy grail tears.
I like to sit and stare
at your kind, shining face.
I like to bathe in the waterfall
of your mercy and grace.
I like the thrill of your held hand
as we dance through the maze,
to see you glide like a swan
through a still, scarlet haze.
I like our 'too deep' conversations
as we wait for the bus.
I like writing new chapters
in 'The Book of Us'. 
I like hearing your voice
when you call out my name.
I like it how we're so different,
yet somehow the same.
I like it when your eyes
look deep into mine.
I like the twist of your hips,
sublime, sublime.
I like waking together
in a born anew world,
to fly with you to heaven,
our wings of fire unfurled.
And though some think me dumb,
to you, I seem wise,
and when I'm sad you remind me
to watch each blessed sunrise.
And though I would be your lover,
I know you're pledged to another,
yet your heart is big enough
to admit me there too,
for you too like to see 
these happy endings.
Bitter sweet, bitter sweet,
this happy ending.

By Uriel