Scarlet Dove

Come rest in my arms,
my sweet turtle dove.
Come rest in my arms,
my one true love.
Come rest you a while,
come rest you your wings,
you, e’er sweetly singing,
of so many bright things.
Come tickle my skin,
blessed bird from above,
your coos e’er delighting,
my sweet scarlet dove.
You, upon the wind,
ever soaring and climbing,
perched on high tree tops,
resplendently shining.
Your kind eyes like the laughter
of our children at play,
blazing storm waters,
merry as the May.
Come to me, come to me,
come lean on my bones,
come ride on my blood,
come rest on my palm,
my sweet scarlet dove.
My temple, my harbour,
my river, my rainbow.
Come blaze in my belly,
come sing in my soul.
Come roost upon my heart,
this love beyond time.
Come rest in my arms,
my bleeding heart valentine.

By Uriel