Quantum Kisses

When did this kiss end,
my love, my love?
When did this kiss end,
my sweet scarlet dove?
Did it end when my lips
no more lingered on yours,
when my tongue stopped tasting
of your soul’s sweet nectar,
when our bloods passing heat
came to ebb, cool and fade,
passing and fading,
all too quickly away?
When did this kiss end,
my love, my love,
when the word of professed passion,
in fire uttered and sung,
returned only to silence
and endless echoes,
when our amorous glances
were too soon wrent apart,
the wind of our breath,
no more blessed and conjoined?
When chose our twin hearts
to stop beating as one,
our molecules cease wishing
to blend and become?
Where the place
and whence the time,
what year, what day,
what hour, what moment,
when my tears no longer
rained with yours,
when our prayerful fingers
were no more entwined,
our minds become afflicted,
ne’er more to remember,
the song and the symphony
of these summer-sky smiles?
When did this kiss end,
precious bird from above,
by what compass was measured,
the span of our love,
this love once fashioned
upon Vulcan’s first forge,
this word writ eternal,
across the sky of our souls?
Yet if ‘tis true our love
did come to end,
wherefore do I still feel
your hot lips upon mine,
still swim in the lakes
of your nebulae eyes,
your sweet nothings e’er whisper
in my pricked up ears,
our pledge yet remains
through these passing of years?
And why, tell me why,
though long since gone,
do I yet hear, taste and see you,
do I smell, sense and feel you,
real as real, as real can be,
so speaks my heart,
in testimony,
so too, my flesh,
so too, my soul.
For by such kisses
were the stars once formed,
so too, the one true
and holy law,
this kiss without beginning,
so too without end,
where time stands still
and angels listen,
for by such a kiss is unsealed,
the gates of heaven.

By Uriel