A Father's Prayer

With your all, my daughter, my son, undivided listen.
With your all now listen to a father's testimony,
sealed up like a scroll for this very moment.
Hear you now the prayer of my heart,
released that you shall brook no fear.
For you, my child, my precious one.
Hold no fear for I shall raise you.
I shall hold you.
A rock shall I be, that I may always watch over you.
So too, a mountain, that I may forever wait.
I shall be your fortress and keep,
a torch to guide you, even through the abyss
of darkest night.
A light that wills to weave the way.
A circle of fire wrapped all around you 
and, so too, a sword.
My bones, a club that I may protect you.
My skin, a pelt to keep you warm.
My back, a chariot that I may carry you,
a mule that would rejoice
to bear and serve you.
My blood, a drop of wine spilt
that you may know no thirst.
My body, a loaf of bread
that you may eat.
My voice to uplift you.
My soul to preserve you.
My will to protect you.
My life for your life, and ever gladly.
This sacrifice that is no sacrifce at all.

By Uriel

(From 'The Garden Where Four Rivers Flow')