The Gardener

Come hear, come hear,
these songs from the Garden.
Come ride, come ride,
on this violet butterfly's wings.
Come drink, come drink,
of these living well waters.
Come smell, touch and see,
this blooming rose ever burning,
Oh, swell and flow forth,
my most merciful river.
Laugh with me, smile with me,
be us merry this moment.
Sing me your soul's song
and shall my heart gladly listen.
Wise wind whisper of your life
and so too of your passing,
of what was once, what is now
and what forever shall be.
Sing me your song,
oh, please sing me this seed,
this seed I shall cherish,
shall hold close in cupped hands,
shall hold in the ark
of my heart's secret sanctum,
shall sow in the soil
of my heart's secret garden.

By Uriel