Seeded In Starlight

Where shall I find you?
Oh, where shall I find you,
oh, how shall I reach you,
where shall I find you,
oh, where shall you be?
At what place shall I meet you,
with what words shall I greet you,
my long-lost but not forgotten love?
Where will you stand and where will you fall,
alone amongst everything,
with all things in always,
as far away as the most distant universe,
as close as a heartbeat,
as close as a kiss.
You who are not I.
You stood before me.
You who are listening,
right now, right now, this very moment,
right now, right now, right here with me,
where three ways meet and time stands still,
in this silent corridor of endless echoes.
Where I would place a ring upon your finger.
I that am one seed of love,
one seed of love that would be many,
one seed of joy, one seed of change,
seeded in spring-time, seeded in starlight,
seeded in the soil of this heart’s once fallow fields.
Ah, these giving fields, these giving grains.
These giving fruits, these giving rains.
These giving trees, these giving leaves.
These giving fires, these giving seeds.
This blessed breath, this wind that carries me.
And so I weave on and on and on,
I and I and this and that,
you and me and us and them,
in and out and up and down,
here and there and where and when,
and who dare say where I do end and you begin,
what span the limit of our love?
What span the limit of this ecstatic acquaintence?
This ecstatic intercourse.
Fire meeting fire. Most beautiful desire.
Flesh meeting flesh, twin rivers mingling,
blood and bone and scattered seed,
yoni and lingam,
become we as angels,
all things uttered into existence
by these ecstatic screams.
And now I burn to be as one,
as one with you, my one true love,
here before this golden gateway,
here upon this bridge of rainbows,
here upon this bridge of stone,
like spark to tinder, like drop to ocean,
where X marks the spot on the tip of the arrow.
And here I shall find you.
Yes, here I shall find you,
right now, right now, this very moment,
my long-lost but not forgotten love.

By Uriel