We Met

We met on the mountain.
We met in the wilderness.
We met beside the silent lake.
We touched, we sang, a roaring river.
We met, we wept, a sea of fire.
Begat, began, a bornless babe,
we met beneath an endless sky.
We met with smiles all crowned with hope,
heraldic scent in joy comingled.
We met in flame, in fierce desire,
ruby-ripened lips and skin that tingled.
We saw each other, we saw the All,
we saw the All with phoenix eyes,
feet still-dancing upon the grace-filled earth,
we wept, we met, a sea of fire.
We roamed through a dark and thorny thicket,
we meandered on the surface of a stone-filled stream,
a stream that sang, a thicket that whispered,
coyly we lingered in fields of dreams.
We met in grace, we met in smiles,
each smile a soul, each smile a song.
We met, we lept, a leaping lamb.
We hurt, we healed, a million missings.
Became we a fountain.
Became we a symphony.
Became we a shimmering.
Became we a shining.
Twin souls, twin flames,
ablaze, awake, intoxicated,
reclaimed, rejoined, revived, reborn,
this soul, this source, this magic mirror.
We fell , we flew, with wings like angels,
we teetered upon the rainbow’s edge.
We touched, we danced, a blessed dawn,
upon bark of oak, we sealed our pledge.
Llike a stallion of thunder, we two did run,
we two, we four, we one, we none.
And though ‘tis true that many you have met,
yet never so met my one true love,
her starlight smiles, his moonlight tears,
as so below, so too, above.
As so below, so too, above.

By Uriel