Long, long ago,
I once sang me a song,
I sang me a song
and the stars sang along.
Long, long ago,
I once stood at an altar,
I stood at an altar
and did whisper a word.
To hear this word,
the wind did sigh,
so too a dove,
come soaring by,
majestically unfurling
her crescent moon wings,
the dust of angels and aeons,
scattered upon her fragile,
fearsome feathers,
so dazzling and fair
I did sing me an ocean.
Long, long ago,
I once tiptoed on a tulip,
did dally on a daisy,
till so weightless with wonder,
till so on fire with delight,
I did raise myself high,
high before the unbegotten
gods of yore,
and glimpsed my reflection
in a still mountain pool,
and methought, yet not vainly,
I held a portion of beauty.
Methought I was a little rainbow.
‘So you are’,
sang the pool with the
wise word of the water.
‘So you are’,
sang the wind,
sang the stars, sang the dove.
Yet if 'tis true so I am,
then how has this
now come to be,
that I, who was once everything,
am now become nobody.
I, once a sun
in a high summer sky,
a veiled and mysterious,
blue mystic moon,
have now become
so lost and fallen,
so full of hurting,
of bitter self-loathing,
my tongue turned to stone,
my lips become sealed,
my song, my song,
forever silenced?
And how has this
now come to be,
that I, once the apple
of my mother’s eye,
my father’s sword,
my father’s flame,
their hope, their joy,
their best of dreams,
am now but a cog
in a broken machine,
so alone in this maze
of splintered mirrors,
buried beneath the weight of
blind faith and brute reason,
crushed daily beneath the yoke
of Saturnian rule,
this unbeknownst,
prodigious child.
Yet as I did thus
pause and ponder,
methought I heard
a distant echo,
from where or whence,
I could not tell,
weaving and whispering
like Celtic knots,
holding me close
in familial touch,
garbing me in fragrant linen,
restoring me with waters
from her golden cup,
till in blossoming, firey,
inner vision
I heard this softly
spoken word:
‘Heart now burst
beyond it’s boundaries.
Tongue now taste,
this sweetest kiss.
Burst you the bubble
of this fleeting life,
with one-pointed pinprick
of ancient memory.
Go back to move forwards.
Forget to remember.
Old ones, hear you whispers,
children, see you visions,
visions and whispers
of a life once lived.
Come close, draw near,
be one with We.
Break down, restoreth
thine earthly temple.
Be you raised. Be you raised.
Be you raised now in beauty.
Be you raised in bright wonder.
Be you raised in great glory.
Be you raised like Kind Lazarus.
Be you raised, unbeknownst,
prodigious child.
Release thy soul, unfurl thy wings.
Ascend into the greater life,
Down this hallowed path,
come wind and wend,
as it was in the beginning,
so shall it be in the end.
And together, together,
we shall sing us a song.
We shall sing a new song,
till the stars sing along.’

By Uriel