She Cries for a River

What is this mellow, raging fire
in Her faraway eyes,
this lotus blossom truth
hid behind Her Sphinx-silent smiles,
Her butterfly breath,
the dragonfly wind of Her word,
I know not, nor shall ever,
yet have no need of knowing,
for ‘tis enough that She cries,
that She cries for a river.
Seek detachment, they say,
for to feel is to suffer,
yet sorrow I would feel
for but one touch of Her hand.
Be as one, mute your tongue,
penitent pilgrim make pledge,
walk unseduced by the passing glamour
of this Maya-bound world.
Quell your thought, become empty,
lose your self in ‘No-Mind’,
quell the fire of your yearning,
leave all expectation behind.
Yet why be everywhere and nowhere
when I could sit by Her side,
see new worlds brought into being
with but one wink of Her eye,
see Her Shakti- dance commanding
the wheel of time to stop turning,
behold the glory-filled wonder
of Her galactic, rainbow-blood burning.
Why give myself to silence
when I could hear Her sweet song,
could follow Her footsteps
across the endless, dark desert,
could quench my thirst with the nectar
of Her Milky Way waters,
see Her smile form a star,
see Her tears form an ocean.
My penniless Princess.
My perfected Priestess.
I know not, nor shall ever,
yet have no need of knowing,
for She came from the stars,
became a small girl to save me,
and this heart needs Her only,
for She cries for a river.

By Uriel